What's a phase, mother?

Oh, it's just something you go through.

Yet Another Classic Movie Icon Community
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I'm just doing it for the love of the movies.

Rules and the like:
1. Please be nice- comment and credit either theinvitation or phase_worthy if you're taking anything. Every time you don't credit, Terry McKay gets hit by another car.
2. No hotlinking. Every time you hotlink, Moonyean steps in the way of the bullet again.
3. Please do not edit any of my icons unless I post them as bases. If they are bases, I will post it in bold letters, accompanied with, "Mommy is tired. Go make her a screwdriver and a pretty icon."
4. Be kind, rewind.
5. I really can't think of any more rules, but I want to look cool so I keep writing.

They say I should write this stuff so I don't get sued:
1. I don't own any of the movies I'm making icons from.
2. Dear Corporate Giant- This is my anti-drug. Please let me continue.
3. That's all.

Have a request?
Reply to any of the posts. I'll let you know whether I can do it or not.

Looking for something specific?
I've got all my posts catalogued in the memories section. I'm trying to make it easy for you. :D

Fire And Music

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