My Favorite Wife (15)

I come bearing gifts- 15 icons from My Favorite Wife, to be exact. Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, Gail Patrick (raise your hand if you knew she quit movies to run a playground and make clothing for children), and some child actor whose name I don't know and am far too lazy to look up. :)
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Brushes from and the 1ge-brushes yahoo group.

You can't do that, your honor! I'm legally dead. Think it's nice to take money from a corpse?Collapse )

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I thought I'd let you all know that I joined classic_100 with a challenge of making 100 Myrna Loy icons. Soooo.... once I get going on that, I'll post the link for mass Myrna-ness for you all to see.
And, if you're an icon maker, yourself, go join! Take the challenge! You can choose any star, movie, or TV show that was popular from 1900-1960. Then go icon crazy!

Text icons

I don't know how well these will go over, but I got the idea of doing a few "If I..." icons. Let me know if you like them or they suck or if you'd like to see something in particular as a text icon.

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Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans and Happy Thursday to the people of the rest of the world! (Um, or Friday... I'm never sure what day it is in other countries... it is different sometimes, you know!)