Dressy Tessie Tura (theinvitation) wrote in phase_worthy,
Dressy Tessie Tura


Yeah yeah, 17 more Sweethearts icons. :D This is the last of the bunch unless I get approved for the claim at classic_100. If so, there'll be 52 more coming! I know, you're shocked.
Anyway, after this, I'll be working on Smilin' Through for purely selfish reasons, but I'll post what I get done. I'll probably make a couple from Bittersweet, even though my feelings for that movie are near what Noel Coward's are. Ummm... any suggestions of J&N movies you want next? Haha, I'm thinking about changing the title of this journal to "Your one stop Jeanette and Nelson icon shop." OH! The only ones I can't do are Girl Of The Golden West (but it's just not as much fun without Jeanette's accent, anyway), and New Moon. I also have a couple of Jeanette's solo movies on DVD (minus The Merry Widow, sadly), but feel free to ask what I have! For any Kathryn Grayson fans, I also have all but one of her movies on DVD, if you want to see some random icons from like The Kissing Bandit *cough-Libby-cough* or something. /novel

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