May 16th, 2006

Completed Myrna Loy Icon Challenge

After like 53 years, I managed to finish the Myrna icon challenge. You can see/snag the icons by going to to official table post at classic_100. Of course, I'm a nice girl, so I'll supply you with the link, too. Click Me! Oh, that tickles!

Ummm... I'm supposed to be starting a Norma Shearer icon challenge, and believe me, there's only about 342 trillion Norma pictures out there for me to thoroughly destroy put my creativity to work on. Summer break starts in like 36 hours, so I should be able to work on those soon. Any Norma fans out there? Yeah, I'm talking to YOU. :) I have like 30,000 tasks to complete by the end of summer, and Norma is definitely high priority since she's like royalty AND wins jitterbug contests. I have a picture to prove it. This is what I do when I should be sleeping. Or studying. Or working on the portfolio for my Literature class. What can I say? Myrna Loy owns me.