Is this thing still alive?
So... I've been playing with various styles in Photoshop, sice I honestly have no original bone in my body I have to give credit to ownthesunshine for a lot of the pieces parts to my graphics. And the comic book looking one came from a tutorial in icon_tutorial. I'll have to look and see who made it and give them proper credit.
ANYWAY, these are the fruits of my labor. Seven icons and one friends only banner.


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Comments and feedback are appreciated, as is credit if you use any. :)


Yeah yeah, 17 more Sweethearts icons. :D This is the last of the bunch unless I get approved for the claim at classic_100. If so, there'll be 52 more coming! I know, you're shocked.
Anyway, after this, I'll be working on Smilin' Through for purely selfish reasons, but I'll post what I get done. I'll probably make a couple from Bittersweet, even though my feelings for that movie are near what Noel Coward's are. Ummm... any suggestions of J&N movies you want next? Haha, I'm thinking about changing the title of this journal to "Your one stop Jeanette and Nelson icon shop." OH! The only ones I can't do are Girl Of The Golden West (but it's just not as much fun without Jeanette's accent, anyway), and New Moon. I also have a couple of Jeanette's solo movies on DVD (minus The Merry Widow, sadly), but feel free to ask what I have! For any Kathryn Grayson fans, I also have all but one of her movies on DVD, if you want to see some random icons from like The Kissing Bandit *cough-Libby-cough* or something. /novel

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Completed Myrna Loy Icon Challenge

After like 53 years, I managed to finish the Myrna icon challenge. You can see/snag the icons by going to to official table post at classic_100. Of course, I'm a nice girl, so I'll supply you with the link, too. Click Me! Oh, that tickles!

Ummm... I'm supposed to be starting a Norma Shearer icon challenge, and believe me, there's only about 342 trillion Norma pictures out there for me to thoroughly destroy put my creativity to work on. Summer break starts in like 36 hours, so I should be able to work on those soon. Any Norma fans out there? Yeah, I'm talking to YOU. :) I have like 30,000 tasks to complete by the end of summer, and Norma is definitely high priority since she's like royalty AND wins jitterbug contests. I have a picture to prove it. This is what I do when I should be sleeping. Or studying. Or working on the portfolio for my Literature class. What can I say? Myrna Loy owns me.

Random Fandom (aka oh, the hottness)

I come bearing 12 icons of 12 different actresses (and Gene Raymond is hanging out in one of them). These are people that I haven't made like 9 jillion icons of before. *cough-Kathryn Grayson and Myrna Loy-cough*
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Irene Dunne, 1924
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Thanks to Corbis for the sweet pictures (I was far too lazy to scan tonight) and the 1ge_brushes yahoo group for brushes for this set.